Mideterm presentation sheets / 中間講評資料


I think we well done the midterm presentation.
It wasn’t super good, but still we have serious and strong points to discuss, which is eagerly required for scientific architectural design.
Anyway, we really have to step forward!

Could you all send me your .gh (some case with .3dm), I will try to find time to look into you codes.
House III:
I’m feeling the 1st obvious goals is to find “same volume size of original house III but different combination”.
currently the evaluation is just calculation of volume, until you do not compare the number with others, it still can not be said evaluation.

1 intersection of A and B -> B’
2 intersection of A and C -> C’
Maybe there is case of B’ and C’ has new intersection. You might again intersect B’ and C’ or union B’ and C’.
Please make clear how 3 agents move, count how many combinations logically.

Bibliotheques Jussieu:


Towada Artcenter:

21_21 design sight:

Maribor Art Gallery:
You already have the input .3dm mode data to generate agents. Sooner you should generate agents from those controlling points (the corner points of pentagon). Then you will need functions getObjects() and proc() in MAS class. Your model will move the height of agents(node) with checking surround condition/connections.
I will soon post basic component style for this studio, please follow it.

Istanbool Market:

la Tourette:

Levene House:
Now you should shift soon for generate buiding boundary. You should play around generating delauny-mesh ,Voronoi diagram etc in script. I will post tip about using grashopper components in script.

Rolex Learning Center:
I need to look into your new aspect deeper. Please make clear what should be the controlling units(agents).
I agree the new mission seems stronger, we need discuss how to check-evaluate it (I’m afraid if we really can evaluate with FEM spec). Right after we see the direction, I’m going to set up an escuisse with Sato sensei.



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