[assignment] Alternative Solution / [課題] 別解

[課題] 別解


1. プロジェクトの要素を分解し、どのように数値化情報化できるか、データ構造を設計する
2. 評価方法、評価指標、評価関数を検討、デザインする
3. 評価とデザイン(設計操作)を抱き合わせたシステムの構築を目指し実装する
4. 別解の提示

[assignment] Alternative Solution (Proposal)
Pick up 1 existing architectural project and give your alternative solution(proposal) with your own system (rule based).

Your solution/proposal could apply entire that project or even just a part of that project.
Your solution/proposal does not need solve everything.

1 Design your data structure which will fit your design operation.
2 Design your evaluation method and formula
3 Design and implement your system which has loop cycle of operation and evaluation
4 Presentation your alternative solution(proposal)

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