20140617_1 Le Couvent Saint Marie de la Tourette / Students: Simpei Terada

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毎週pin-up / Weekly pin-up

来週から毎週pin-upを行うことにします。 次回6月10日火曜日は13:00まで に各自は壁面に A4 フォーマットでプリントアウトし、各自壁面に貼りだしておいてください。一人壁パネル一枚くらいの領域で。場所の確保などは平野さんにアドヴァイスもらってください。 基本的にはスタジオの内向きに、提出やポスターセッションに向けて、表現物を充実させて行く為に行います。毎回持っているものを全て、見せるようにしましょう。 これまで個人対応だったので、個々にどのようなプロジェクトが進められているかが見えにくかったと思います。どのような評価、目的関数を設定しているか、お互いに参考にするのも、また意見を交換するのも良いかと思います。 We are going to perform the weekly pin-up from next week. Print out all of your current materials in A4 format and, stick them to the walls up to 13:00 10th June Tuesday. Probably it’s good enough 1 wall panel unit for 1 person. Please follow Hirano-san’s guidance to secure your location. That pin-up wil performe inwardly for ourselves in order to revise – brush up your materials towards the poster session and submission. Always try to bring and show all what you have at every pin-up. So far, the escuisse were done almost one to one, that made you hard to lookRead More »

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Mideterm presentation sheets / 中間講評資料

AM-AS_projects_Midtermpresentation_sheets I think we well done the midterm presentation. It wasn’t super good, but still we have serious and strong points to discuss, which is eagerly required for scientific architectural design. Anyway, we really have to step forward! Could you all send me your .gh (some case with .3dm), I will try to find time to look into you codes. ——————————————— House III: I’m feeling the 1st obvious goals is to find “same volume size of original house III but different combination”. currently the evaluation is just calculation of volume, until you do not compare the number with others, it still can not be said evaluation. 1 intersection of ARead More »

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stan allen_maribor art gallery

  stan allen_maribor art gallery

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SANAA Rolex Learning Center_ Jenny Kan


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