TODO until next studio 次回までのTODO

  1. 敷地の規制や条件を箇条書きでまとめる、日建設計のプロジェクトデータなど
  2. ホテルのスタイルを想定する(リゾートホテル、ビジネスホテル、レジデンス、ラブホテル?)
  3. まずはぼんやりとで構わないので、各自のプロジェクトの形態ルールなどのアイディアをフローチャートにしてみましょう。
  4. 敷地のモデリング(dropbox内の佐伯さんのモデルを補充していく)
  5. 敷地周辺の街路ネットワーク入力(このスタジオでは街路ネットワーク分析ができるので、中間発表用に敷地分析のひとつとしてやってみては?)




  1. Summarize the regulations and conditions of the site, Nikken Sekkei of project data, etc.
  2. Assume hotel style in your project (resort hotels, business hotels, residences, love hotel?)
  3. Try to describe your generation/ shape rules in flow chart.
  4. Site 3D modeling (Let’s complete Saeki-san’s model in the dropbox)
  5. Build Street network data around the site (since this studio can street network analysis, we may present site network analysis for the interim report?)

For item 3., as walking network, around the stations (Sendagaya, Harajuku, Meijijingumae, Omotesando Station, Gaienmae Station, Aoyama Itchome Station, National Stadium station) and the bus stop (all bus stop? City bus, Hachiko bus) when you move the whole combination of each other in the path of the shortest maybe in buffer distance (several stages until about allowable distance 20m), which intersection has most a high probability passing? I will lecture how to use software “StreetView” related to this analysis, the input of the street network should be done as possible until then. A network data that was last year made in the studio, is placed


Could you extend / complete the range from here(to cover all those stations)?

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