site regulation from nikken project

外苑ハウス敷地:A-5地区 ・地下2階地上22階 2 basement floors and 22 floors ・高さ Height 約80m ・約410戸 410 rooms ・建て延べ Total Area 約60,000㎡ ・建築面積 Building Area 約3,500㎡ ・敷地面積 Site Area 約8,760㎡ 共同住宅、商業施設、子育て支援施設、駐車場(約180台)など residence, commercial, parking

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network passing rate analyze

download the latest version of StreetViewAC preparation of graph(network) model which apply city elements( stations, bus stop etc.) example .3dm file ( elements can input with rhino textdot object, must be layers named prefix “element_”. how to apply weight: you can describe node(element) weight through .csv format example .csv file ( Names need to match element names of textdots in rhino .3dm model. how to apply those elements and weights on StreetViewAC go “element layer” tab on “control panel” pull down element layers to apply “origin(s) from layer” / “destination(s) from layer” pull down to chose weight types go “shortest path” tab on “control panel” set “k = ” valueRead More »

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