network passing rate analyze

download the latest version of StreetViewAC

preparation of graph(network) model which apply city elements( stations, bus stop etc.)

how to apply weight: you can describe node(element) weight through .csv format

how to apply those elements and weights on StreetViewAC

  • go “element layer” tab on “control panel”
  • pull down element layers to apply “origin(s) from layer” / “destination(s) from layer”
  • pull down to chose weight types
  • go “shortest path” tab on “control panel”
  • set “k = ” value for k-th shortest path for passing rate(set 1 explore only best shortest path ), or set buffer distance for shortest path(s)
  • go “evaluation experimental” tab on “control panel”
  • press “pass count layer origin(s) to layer destination(s)” button
  • go “visualize” tab on “control panel”
  • check “show node info”, will view pass count of each node

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