19 April Studio Summary(まとめ)

graph theory(network theory) ??


Studio road map:

  • sampling real building(hotel hoses), consider how to measure “surface roughness” and “network compactness”.
  • preparing benchmark information(data) for our design
  • design the rule of our hotel design
  • design the way of evaluation and define fitness
  • optimize our design toward above fitness


rhino console command, call “editpythonscript”

Please try codes here, graph tips, just copy and paste is still good enough

特に演習時間中に開発環境がなかった人は、各自コードをコピーペーストして、試してください。MAC環境でも乗り切れるかもしれませんが、やはり後々しなくてよい苦労が出てきてしまうことが予想されます。次回までにはなるべくbootcampなどをつかって、windows+rhinoceros+grasshopper+ghpython の環境を作っておいてください。やり方は知っている学生も多いと思います。お互いに教えあってください。


next session:

We are planning to go location hunting 26th April, around Gaien. I will post about the detail later. Probably meeting point would be Gaien Mae Station on Ginza Line.
Also, please continue to consider which rough-surfaced-building you will pick up for sampling 3D model at least 1 existing real building (hotel or houses). Which are well known between architects, for example  HABITA 67.




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