StreetViewAC bug fix, some tutorials

I was feeling something wrong on your powerpoint slide at the [StreetViewAC] network analyzing of your benchmark sampling model. That is probably “evaluation experimental:minisum to go from layer origin(s)”. I found the bug in that function, and fix it. I’m very sorry, it’s my coding mistake. So please go: and download fixed version. “auto fitting view” at the initializing(when you drop your .3dm file) is also fixed. Added/modified  2 check box on “visualize” panel. Here some tutorial ( with rafael’s sample network model ): Now it’s able to toggle the check box to show “element info”, and “emphasis mark” (origin / destination), to see clear view of spectrum evaluation.Read More »

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updated module python file (2 files are same version): Dropbox/AdaptiveMorphology_studio/20160614/ Dropbox/AdaptiveMorphology_studio/scripts/ sample file set in dropbox: Dropbox/AdaptiveMorphology_studio/20160614/ Dropbox/AdaptiveMorphology_studio/20160614/20160622_test.3dm This is how to give the different cell width interval. You need to prepare list of width numeral float list, means list of list.

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