final Poster Session regulation

A1 x 4 posters(panels): all landscape layout. place your name and ID title: xxxxxxx Kuma+Obuchi+Ichikawa studio student No. Full Name タイトル、名前、学籍番号を忘れずに model x 1(+α) : scale: something proper   7月5日(火) 11:00〜12:30 提出・検印@講評会室(12:30〜13:30で各自展示) 14:00〜18:00 ポスターセッション@多目的演習室 5th July (Tue.) 11:00〜12:30 approval verification@review room(12:30〜13:30 you should set up your posters and models in exercise room) 14:00〜18:00 poster session@review room@exercise room  

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Dropbox/AdaptiveMorphology_studio/scripts/modules/ Dropbox/AdaptiveMorphology_studio/scripts/modules/ now you can generate the network through function “initFromCrv”,, 0.3msec with 800 edges, Dropbox/AdaptiveMorphology_studio/20160623/  

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